Modelling trust Evolution In Business

  • 10-Feb-2022

Most Business Transactions are Carried out based on a  predetermined periodical credit system (i.,e.,60 days or 90 days ) and many getting Secured and Unsecured Loans from others without any collateral, by word of mouth.This leads to non payment of  credit purchase, loans etc.

There was a time, where banks were struggling with the same problem, which in turn, lead to the formation of ?CIBILSCORE? System where banks started using CIBIL Score and saved themselves from inadequate persons; which straight away laid path for more collections of old bad debts and prevention of new bad debts to certain level.

So, It is the need of the hour, that an open platform to disclose the credibility of the business entities /individuals, to create caution in the minds of the people about their credit customer, before making a credit transaction with them.  All of the above needs, combined, lead to the development and constitution of an new age platform ?CREDBAL?, which will direct us towards ?Bad debts less economy?.

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